Ta’leef Collective Convert Care in Chicago

Asalaamu alaykum, Greetings of peace!

Thank you all for your support over these years.  We began providing services to new Muslims and those interested in Islam living in the Chicagoland are back in 2008. In 2013 we merged our grassroot efforts with Ta’leef Collective: Chicago.

Ta’leef Chicago now provide a whole host of services to those interested in Islam and those new to the faith.  Please contact mswies@taleefcollective.org if you want to get involved with any programming.  The folks at Ta’leef are looking forward to meeting you and providing any assistance you may need.

For individuals interested in Islam:

1. “Introducing Islam” – a workshop where one of the worlds largest faiths is explored and it’s basic beliefs and practices are discussed.  Great for anyone who is just trying to learn what Islam is all about.

2. Shahada Facilitation- If you are ready to embrace Islam they will help you in the planning and facilitation of your shahada to make sure you have a great start on this path.

For New Muslims:

1. Weekly Classes designed to provide a strong foundation in the basic beliefs and practices for those new to the faith. “Being Muslim” and “Establishing the Prayer” are two classes they have previously held.

2. Monthly “Welcome to the Fold” events where those new to the faith can meet and discuss issues with others who have embraced Islam.

3. One-to-one mentoring for new Muslims with trained mentors through Ta’leef Collective’s Mu’allif Mentorship Program.

For the Greater Community:

1. Monthly “Living Right” class with guest speakers such as Usama Canon and UbaydAllah Evans discussing issues relevant to our community.  Amazing Moroccan mint tea is served afterwards and you can come meet more people.

2. Weekly “Matters of the Heart” class with Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullah focusing on how to be transformed by our faith.

3. Quarterly Workshops focusing on various topics. Previous workshops have been a film screening of “Wayward Son” with a panel discussion, a screening of “Prison Blues” with a dynamic panel discussion, a poetry workshop with Def Jam poet Mark Gonzales, and many more.

Please contact Mike Swies who is the Convert Care Coordinator for Ta’leef Collective in Chicago at mswies@taleefcollective.org to find out dates and how to get involved with any programming. Dont be shy, they are looking forward to meeting you!